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My Fair Lady Reviews

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Average customer review: 3.0 star rating (3.2 Stars)

Number of reviews: 73



5.0 star rating Caroline Fowler from Washington, District of Columbia


Have been singing the score myself for 40 years, and Shereen Ahmed's singing was exquisite. Took my granddaughter, age 12 and my daughter to this production, and it was delightful! The only drawback was at the end ~ we were left hanging as Eliza just walks off the stage...and Henry did not follow; just stayed on stage. All three of us just felt like...what????!!! They need to rewrite that ending! The scenery, portrayals and musicianship were all well done, and we were delighted to have attended. They received a standing ovation and well deserved it!

5.0 star rating Kathleen Donovan from Washington, District of Columbia


First saw this show in London in 1958. Have seen many different productions since. Brought my granddaughter to see this production which she loved. The first act was perfection. Then we got into the second act and the utterly gratuitous drag wedding scene during what should be a rollicking Get me to the Church on time struck a sour note.Things got better and Higgins I’ve grown accustomed to her face was sheer perfection. But then the ending, Eliza appears and then walks off. Is she a figment if Higgins imagination? That was the explanation of several of the audiences younger set. I was totally confused.Very unsatisfactory ending for me but still a spectacular show!.

5.0 star rating Charles A Pirolla from Greenville, South Carolina


The play was outstanding, my wife and I enjoyed our evening. Cast, orchestra and stage scenery BRAVO! I would enjoy watching your play again.

5.0 star rating Tanner mcgillacutty from Los Angeles, California


I feel so bad for everyone who can’t understand the ending. It was so powerful.

5.0 star rating A from San Francisco, California


This show was perfect for a first night back at the theater since the start of covid. The set design was quite nice, the actors dynamic (none of their performances disappointed) and the singing lovely. In particular, the actor playing the lead of Eliza Doolittle was quite an electric actress, not to mention her absolutely stunning voice! She really made the production something special

5.0 star rating Carol from Davis, California


I wonder if those readers who were disappointed in the ending of "My Fair Lady," which I saw in San Francisco on 27 November, have ever read George Bernard Shaw's "Pygmalion," on which the musical is based. Talk about ambiguity! The Broadway and Hollywood versions most certainly did *not* work for Shaw. Also, it seems that those who felt that the local touches (drag queen bride, Ballets Trocadero dancers) in "Get Me to the Church On Time" were somehow unworthy of Doolittle's refined character :-)

5.0 star rating Brenda from Seattle, Washington


Loved all of it. Great singing. Dancing. Scenes. Amazing. Being 63, I have seen the movie and the play. I love a good love story. And I knew they were supposed to end up together. It’s such a classic. So to change it… made me sad. I just wanted a happy ending.

5.0 star rating Sandra Salsburry from Tucson, Arizona


There were some technical complications, as the “rotating house” apparently was stuck in one position. After a short hold, they were able to restate the production and carry on. How incredible is that?? And what a production! Who needs a spinning house with such a talented cast! And this “Prince of Transylvania” - total smoke show and absolute unit. My family and I are trying to get tickets for the evening show right now!!!!!!!!!!

5.0 star rating Lynn Forkos from Las Vegas, Nevada


The actors were wonderful, and the voices were superb.

5.0 star rating Sheila DeLeon from Tampa, Florida


I love the songs so much, I know them all by heart. Since I am a huge fan of Marni Nixon, Shereen Ahmed’s voice left something to be desired. Too quiet and restrained. She looks beautiful though! Neither my husband nor I could understand a “fing” out of Martin Fisher’s voice (he plays Alfred P. Doolittle). The sets were beautiful and the character actors were great. Laird Mackintosh as Henry Higgins was spot on and amazing!! He makes it! I’m no prude however the “Get me to the church” scene was a little over the top-as far as taste, but a good big scene!! The ending was confusing though. All in all, it was quite enjoyable! It’s so good to be going back out to live theatre. The pit orchestra was outstanding!

5.0 star rating Jack and Diane from Providence, Rhode Island


The Providence Show was fantastic! Audience energy was palpable, and that is never an accident. What’s wrong with a “Classic”? Things get to be “Classics” because they’re so tremendous. So why do all the new shows tinker. There wasn’t much of that here and that was fine with me. The talent, the voices, the production, the staging, “in a minute I knew that we had easily won”. Don’t hesitate to see this. You’re going to feel so good! JT

5.0 star rating Judy Smith from Medina, Ohio


Very talented production! Outstanding scenery! Singing & orchestra superb!!! Don't delay....see as soon as possible!!!

5.0 star rating Jeff from Cleveland, Ohio


My Fair Lady at the State Theater Cleveland. Knew that there were some changes (updates?) but didn’t know the details. Expected a strong cast based on actors backgrounds and were pleased with what we saw and heard. Sound was great from where we were sitting (Main orchestra, JJ center). A long show for sure and maybe it did “drag” a bit in Act 2, pun intended?, but we really enjoyed it. We were surprised by the ending but after rewatching the movie on Netflix two days later we don’t have a problem with the change - we get it. It is ok to leave the audience guessing. Henry can get his own slippers!

5.0 star rating Julie W from Chicago, Illinois


The ensemble was extremely talented, particularly the actress who played Eliza Doolittle and the secondary actor who sang “on the street where you live”. Great supporting voices, costumes and interesting revolving stage concept. It’s a well staged revival - with a modern twist to the ending. I was wondering how this musical which focused much on class and gender differences would be seen through a contemporary lens - the producers obviously added more diversity to the cast and a “feminist” conclusion. Clearly a modern interpretation of a very traditional and classic musical. I’d strongly recommend it to children, teens and adults who appreciate a great theater experience.

5.0 star rating Isabel Lemus from Miami, Florida


What a great performance was last night at the Arsht Center in Miami, actors, stage, orchestra, all acted as one. Thank you for bringing art to us, my husband and I had a great evening.

5.0 star rating Rebecca Terry from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


So there were three things that struck me while watching my fair lady- The protestors for women's suffrage in white (such a huge contrast with all of the colors), The lack of any real chemistry between Eliza and Higgins (she was infatuated, but when she sang the song about the world going on she sang it confidently rather than longingly). And the ending where she leaves. I think they purposefully reframed the whole thing so as not to fit the typical woman needs man scenario. Those were all conscious choices by the director- not accidents and turned the typical trope from decades past into a relevant message. Fantastic!

5.0 star rating Janiece from Albuquerque, New Mexico


I saw this on the 23rd. I was soo impressed by scenery and seamless scene changes by the actors! The ability of the ensemble cast who had to keep jumping in and out of different characters!! The entire cast was wonderful! I thought Eliza was charming her ability to jump in and out of her Cockney and proper English was impressive and Harry could really sing!

4.0 star rating Robin Z. from Washington, District of Columbia


Overall, we had a very enjoyable evening spent watching My Fair Lady. The individual performances were strong and the orchestra did an amazing job. My only real complaint is that was difficult for me to hear the dialogue at times, and i was sitting in the 3rd row! Made me wonder if they were having microphone issues. They need to turn up the volume a bit. Also, the ending (where Eliza approaches Prof Higgins, then turns and hurries off stage) seemed a bit awkward and even confusing. They need to rethink that part for sure.

4.0 star rating Susan from Spartanburg, SC


I was not expecting Rex or Audrey and had my expectations tempered. I think the solo voices were beautiful. They were overshadowed at times by either the chorus or the orchestra. You would think that sound checks would have fixed that before the performance. Also, the ending was very bizarre. My eleven year old asked, and all I could say was that maybe they wanted the audience to decide the ending?

4.0 star rating Chris Meyer from San Antonio, Texas


I’ve seen this many times excellent voices. The ending was changed to Eliza leaving. Why. The raunchy get me to the church was just that raunchy. Why? Why change something that has worked for years!

4.0 star rating Stephen Szonyi from Los Angeles, California


Thought I would get my wife a surprise for her birthday and get tickets. Although we've been to many Broadway plays, we've never really watched the movie or the play. I'm glad we watched the movie first, it was easier to follow the play. The vocal performances in the play we're very good. Like several reviewers here, "Take me to the church on time" while being a very entertaining musical piece, I did not get the "drag" part. It just makes one think that they were trying to throw in the 10% diversity thing but kind of messing with the art and culture. It's like throwing a beard on the Mona Lisa. While I have nothing against people that want to dress drag, it just does not fit in the 5 minute slot of the entire show that was pretty well done true to story. I'm sure there are other outlets where this type of diversity could be expressed. The second twist was the abrupt ending, though having just watched the movie, I took the ending to mean the two antagonists got together in the end, albeit in an artsy way.

4.0 star rating Michele Nelson from Los Angeles, California


You don’t rewrite a classic. I read where one review said they should rewrite the ending well that’s exactly what they did and that’s why it didn’t make any sense. I felt the same way as most people did because first of all I knew how the ending was supposed to be and secondly the way they wrote it made no sense at all why would she come back just to walk away and leave him standing there?? If you’re familiar with my fair lady then you know that was someone’s attempt at trying to make it fit into today’s narrative. And you just don’t rewrite a classic! I will say the singing and the acting was exemplary and I agree also with what one reviewer said about the leading lady. Her voice was so beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her.

4.0 star rating SHF from Hartford, Connecticut


Am I one of the few who didn’t want professor Higgins and Eliza together? I say sister, go on walking . Professor Higgins was clearly abusive . Eliza should run not walk off stage.

4.0 star rating Nancy from Cleveland, Ohio


If your looking for Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn forget it. Watch the movie. If you want to see fun sets, live orchestra and wonderful voices this should hit the spot. I don’t know why so many people are up in arms about the Get Me to the Church On Time scene. It was a bit over the top and too long but not offensive. I agree the sound was muddled at times. Hard to discern the lyrics. Others complained about the ending. I don’t remember a love connection at the end in the original My Fair Lady or Pygmalion for that matter. Thought the end was underwhelming but fine.

4.0 star rating Mary Harper from Denver, Colorado


This musical play had the feel of being an "old girl", but still viable, with beautiful and exquisite singing and acting. The Get Me to the Church was ridiculous IMHO. The spoken word was hard to hear-even proper voices, rather muddled. Character of Freddy was not developed. I kept thinking of an older lead, for some reason. The reason Liza left was because she saw her future with HH and figured he would not be good husband material, too controlling, fussy, and egocentricity would not abate. Liza was the "Little New" in this play. AllI could think was "Run Liza!" and she did!

4.0 star rating Kay Woo from Fort Worth, Texas


One can hardly go wrong with a classic like My Fair Lady. The sets and costumes were beautiful. The voices, stunning. However, it was hard to understand much of the first act. The sound system seemed off, not equalized properly and Eliza's accent was so over pronounced that I understood almost none of her lines. The song, Get Me to the Church On Time seemed to serve the taste of the Director without considering the expectation of the audience. Families were in the audience, as would be expected. I would have been horrified if I had brought a young child. It was an enjoyable evening, however, not without some flaws.

4.0 star rating Abby from San Jose, California


Watched it last night at San Jose and some things I enjoyed were the intimacy of the space-we can hear the actors clearly from anywhere in the theatre. I liked the costumes and how the production stayed true to the songs. Re the cast, loved MP as Eliza, beautiful voice and totally had me laughing at one point. I thought JG’s performance as Higgins was odd- I didn’t get the sense of the superior, haughty, suave Englishman with his actions, his movements were both stiff and too brisk, at one point though I wondered why wasn’t he moving his arms at all? Pickering was perfect- moving naturally on stage like he’s been doing this a million times over, I even hoped he and Eliza would get-together as there was no romantic tension between her and Higgins at all! I heard someone behind me say Freddie needs to stop singing to the tree. And MB as Mrs. Pearce- bless her, she, together with Mr. Doolittle and Mrs. Higgins are just exceptional! Didn’t mind the Get Me To The Church drag scene so much but it was a bit confusing, and the ending was a head scratcher…maybe just turning the lights off instead of her walking off stage would have left it up to the viewer to interpret however they wanted it to be. Umm, the ending I saw last night left me thinking- did she walk into an imaginary wall? Why is she back? What is going on?! I actually felt like I didn’t want her back with Higgins because he showed not an ounce of vulnerability or like-ability which I thought the character could improve on, he should have tugged a bit at our heartstrings more so at ‘I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face’ so there’s atleast an ounce of hope why we can understand her coming back in the end. Best performances for me were Wouldn’t It Be Lovely, With a Little Bit O’ Luck and I Could Have Danced All Night! Overall, if your like an entertainingly good night- I would watch it!

4.0 star rating Martin Gordon from Virginia


The ending weak with no clear closure and too far a departure from its origin here. Also, wedding scene with drag queen didn't work in this old classic show and came across out of sink with the time period and place and a reach that missed meeting intent of this classic. Should have given show a different name if going to change script and making new Coke instead of sticking with Coke classic. Unfortunate for these 2 areas otherwise a strong superb performance, great set and costumes and wonderful singing and show.

3.0 star rating Amy A. from Washington, District of Columbia


This would be tough for any singer to play, after the iconic Audrey Hepburn and Julie Andrews as Eliza and Rex Harrison as Professor Higgins. The two leads did a fair job, but the passion (and often the volume) was lacking. Eliza had a pretty singing voice, but she was often just too angry for me. Higgins should have been far more explosive in his two great songs ("Why Can't a Woman" and "I'm an Ordinary Man"). I had trouble understanding the dialogue. And what's with the weird scene in "Get Me to the Church on Time" with the drag queens simulating sex? An unnecessary addition to an otherwise fun scene. And the ending? Just confusing.

3.0 star rating Michael B from Los Angeles, California


Agree with the rest of the reviews about Get Me To The Church. Had the rest of the production been avant-garde I could understand such an odd choice. But why go Warhol with one number? Eliza was very good and cast was fine but can’t understand why you would have Higgins played like Macbeth. Very Shakespearean, not natural. Felt no connection to the character. No wonder Eliza left him at the end.

3.0 star rating Alex Martel from Los Angeles, California


The production was ok in a general sense, but it wasn’t outstanding. There were no sour notes and yet no soaring moments that a legendary show deserves. The best thing I can say about this production is that the set was amazing. It was inventive and flexible and memorable in a way that moved the story forward. I wish that I could say the same for the cast. Laird Mackintosh (Professor Higgins) was too young and too brittle for the role. He came off as mean and unreal in a fake way, not funny and self-absorbed and NOT underneath-it-all lovable as the character requires. Shereen Ahmed (Eliza) was slightly better. She has a great voice, but her cockney accent was awful. The directing was uninspired and flaccid. The choreography was flat. And the entire production was bathed in a mist that I suppose was intended to mimic London fog. But the mist ran through the ENTIRE PRODUCTION even during the interior scenes. Why? It was obvious that the production was funded well, great set and costumes, but the casting was weak, and everything else about the show (except the vocal power) put it in the category of dinner theater. Yes, the show is ok, but if you knew what it could have been, then this production is a profound disappointment.

3.0 star rating Kim Ryan from San Francisco, California


As much as this remake was meant to lift up women the subtext was contradictory. If this is the point, why have the sordid “Get me to the church” scene - that was by far the scene with the most rollicking energy - depicting unabashed drunken sex with women/men/other The scene was lurid, and didn’t fit the tenor of the rest of the musical. The characters were too angry most of the time for me to be able to connect with and care about. The ambiguous ending was frustrating and again the subtext contradictory. If it is saying that Eliza can stand on her own two feet without Henry Higgins in her life okay, but she has been created by him and leaves without an identity of her own in the clothes he has provided her. I found the remake self consciously politically correct - like the suffragette signs suddenly appearing in your face - lacking the subtlety and innuendo that makes one think deeply about social change, meaning and purpose. Do not bring kids.

3.0 star rating Cecilia G. Delemos from San Diego, California


Music, scenario settings, stage lighting: BRILLIANT! Singing voices: ELIZA's role was splendid, although at a times I could not fully understand some words she said/sang. About coreography: Perhaps the intention of the producer was to adapt the reality of a classical story our times. However, I did not expect to see men dressed as women or vice versa. From my perspective, you don't re-write a classic. You may adapt it but you must honor the author's story. The drag queens in the second act of the song/scene "Get me to the Church on Time", the sexual acts of laying on each other and spreading legs, pushing and dancing IS NOT WHAT I CAME TO SEE! Very poor taste, which is why I give this musical 3 stars. It could have been 5 stars.

3.0 star rating Jocelyn Oldham von Klein from Richmond, Virginia


To be fair, I've never seen my fair lady but I love most musicals and I'm a professional singer, performer and all around musician myself. The only song I knew was I could have danced all night. The set was great. The orchestra was amazing. The singing was in tune, though I'm not a fan of so much vibrato personally. But there were no bad notes. I really enjoyed the quartet of men. My biggest complaint is that I missed 60% of all the words spoken or sang. It was so hard to understand everyone. Especially the father character, his speech was so muddy. It was very hard to follow the plot because of this, but alas the plot is also really quite dull in my opinion. (I'm a 45 yo woman). It's a LONG musical and ultimately I was very bored. There were a lot of empty seats Tuesday night.

3.0 star rating Cherie Hall from Richmond, Virginia


Perhaps it was 1st night jitters. Vocals and the orchestra were not in sync several times. The presentation overall was done well for a road company. Laird Macintosh and Shereen Ahmed are excellent, the costumes and sets present well.

3.0 star rating R Merrow from Detroit, Michigan


A beautiful classic we were so looking forward to seeing. The theater and the set were beautiful! The dialogue was quite often difficult to understand. Eliza and Mr. Higgins were fantastic as was Freddy - spectacular voices. Mr. Doolittle not so much. Changing Get Me To The Church to a drag scene was incredibly disappointing. And the end was sad. Again, why change it? No need. Also, don’t sit in the box seats if you want to be comfortable. Chairs are horribly uncomfortable for a 3 hour performance.

3.0 star rating John Kelly from Parker, Colorado


We worked closely & socialized with the Brits for over 30 years. We've spent time in some of their homes and they've spent time in our home. We have a son living in the UK as well. So we know the culture and we understand the accents better than most Americans. Despite this we understood about half of the dialog. Otherwise we thought it was a fine performance.

3.0 star rating Steven J. Duff from Rocky Ford, Colorado


After this performance, I am cancelling my 2023/24 Broadway Subscription - Saturday Matinees package. After attending the performance of My Fair Lady, it is obvious that the theatre is moving in a different direction than I want to be part of. What could have been a feel good play after dealing with COVID 19 turned into a political statement on feminism, trans/ crossdressing, and the modern woman. I'm not against any of these issues, but using a classic to present these issues is a bait and switch. My wife's comment was wtf was that ending about. If you want to do a play on these issues, write your own and do not dupe your subscribers into thinking it is anything traditional. I have been a season ticket holder for five years, and I will finish out this season and be done with DCPA Broadway. As usual the cast was amazing, but the ending is so unfulfilling that you have to ask what was the writer. director thinking.

3.0 star rating Roxanna from Fort Worth, Texas


I thought the sound problems were related to the Bass Hall but apparently others in other cities had the same problem. The singing was exquisite though. Wasn't a fan of the "Get me to the church on time" scene - it seemed jarring in what is essentially a "period piece" musical but in this day and time it is to be unexpected I guess. The sets were stunning. I understand why the ending was done but it was a bit jarring.

3.0 star rating Kevin from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


The dialogue was difficult to understand particularly in the first act. We maybe understood half of it. And the actor who played Higgins spoke so fast that we never were able to understand him much throughout. The “new” ending just seemed forced and abrupt. We all left unsatisfied. But the sets and costumes were amazing, the music and singing first rate. I would give it 3.5 stars if that was a choice.

3.0 star rating Mike Henderson from Baltimore, Maryland


This is one musical where it’s important the acting is first rate, even if it means the singing is a little off. In this production, you had lead actors w strong voices who just didn't have the acting chops to sell the songs. Yes, Eliza’s cockney accent is supposed to be a bit grating but its critical that she also be endearing. Unfortunately, her voice, and the character herself, even after she dropped the cockney accent, continued to grate. The direction of the actors was uneven and awkward, as if the director had no insight into how people are supposed to interact. At best, it was a good college production, not what I have come to expect from The Hippodrome.

3.0 star rating D from Portland, Oregon


Portland, OR review based on March 2023 performances — Very familiar with Pygmalion and My Fair Lady movie, and have been singing the score for years. Acting was good. Set design was ‘meh’ for a Broadway tour. I do not have a problem with Producers putting their stamp on a show — that’s why we go see live theater instead of just watching all our own faves on demand… BUT the sound quality was horrible. It sounded muffled and hushed. It was very difficult to parse accents and speed of speech delivered during the play. Even the most beloved songs from this musical suffered at the hands of bad sound. I’m not sure if that is simply the sound quality from our local auditorium (haven’t attended for the past few years due to Pandemic) but I will have to think twice before returning to the venue. I spoke with friends who went two different nights than I attended and they separately mentioned sound quality as contributing to an all over *meh* show.

3.0 star rating Keith Chasin from Miami, Florida


Sorry, I fell asleep, others left at the intermission due to boredom. This 3-hour show with all the memorable tunes needed to be substantially edited so that songs, etc. don’t drag on interminably

3.0 star rating Twoplusone from Boston, Massachusetts


Talented cast, although wish Professor Higgins was played by an older actor. Sound quality was not good. Very difficult to hear, especially Eliza in the opening scenes. I didn’t appreciate the “powerful” ending. I really just wanted to see the classic story. Not everything has to have a “point”. I think I would have skipped it if I knew. Saw the show in Boston many years ago and it was stellar compared to this one.

3.0 star rating Jess K. from Springfield, Missouri


Had I not seen the movie 3 dozen times I would never have caught on because the sound was so bad in the opening act. I have seen many shows at JKH and this sound was AWFUL. Lows were almost indiscernible and highs were so high to be painful. Sets were okay. Repetitive. The leading lady stole the show. Henry Higgins was alright. The ending two scenes were so long I almost fell asleep. Boring. And the drag queens were not my favorite addition. No need to be woke with a classic, REALLY???? And that ending? What the heck. NO. Would never see again.

3.0 star rating J. Hendrix from Springfield, Missouri


Glad to hear others thought the sound was terrible. Eliza's initial east end cockney sounded like bird chirp and was unintelligible from our seats. Sets were lively with clever transitions. Yes Eliza does just choose to walk away with her new self esteem but wish it had been dramatized more ...a speech from the new Eliza perhaps to clarify. acting was fine but all characters were emotionally disconnected. Perhaps it's just the story line as we have become more sophisticated in our tastes and expect more in what we see on stage. It was a bit too long. Still enjoyed the show and the lovely theatre.

3.0 star rating Russ Strader from Colorado Springs, Colorado


The casting is brilliant and performers, sets, and costumes amazing. But the second act completely wasted the enormous talent by forcing them into a maladaptated story line. Quite frankly I’m sad we went. The performers were amazing but the second act left us feeling let down, underwhelmed, and disappointed. The main thought is that the extremely high quality talent was wasted on a really poor story line. I’d recommend skipping this.

3.0 star rating Gail Abbott from Greensboro, North Carolina


The acting was spot on. The music was superb. Then the bawdy drag show ruined the fun of “Get me to the Church on Time” . So sad. The ending was disappointing.

3.0 star rating Amy Viviano from Kalamazoo, MI


I have a great love for the story of My Fair Lady. I took my elderly mother because she shares my love of musicals. Unfortunately, this show was not my favorite performance at Miller Auditorium. The two main characters had good voices but had no real feeling in their performances. Their accents constantly changed, and their appearances did not fit the profiles of the original characters. The Chorus and music, however, was stunning as well as the sets and costumes. The showtime was moved from 3 to 6:00 pm which made for a long three hours. I do not feel the show was worth what I spent on the tickets.

3.0 star rating Douglas Mckinney from Chicago, Illinois


My wife had never seen MFL. I took her on what I thought was a special date to see a musical I love. I understand times have changed, and many things have evolved, and I support much of it. As we have learned over the years, some things should be left alone. Make country stars should not cover "Respect" - Aretha did an incomparable version. This show makes the same mistake. I could never take the star who was cast so far against tradition seriously as to make the play almost unrecognizable. Certainly not MFL. She was angry, snarling at times. It's more of a mashup of MFL and something else. It was akin to having Julie Andrews play the lead of Fiddler on the Roof - a great actor but just wrong for the role. The rest was fair but voices were only adequate with an exception or two.

2.0 star rating Lisa from Los Angeles, California


eh- I really want all 3 hours of my life back, although I enjoyed a couple of songs, the costumes and watching her transformation. Otherwise, nope. just nope...and that confusing ending. I just don't know what else to say-- she walks up to him, then off the set. He doesn't follow--- at least if they kissed, we'd know something

2.0 star rating Harvey Applebaum from Los Angeles, California


The is the proverbial "the actors are phoning it in" experience. The woman playing Mrs. Pearce was excellent (I don't unfortunately know the actresses name), but otherwise the acting was dull all around. The sets and costumes were beautiful, so I gave it two stars. The acting wasn't embarrassing, but really not worth going to see. Also, the woman who delivered the news to Alfred that Eliza was requesting her birdcage but not requesting clothes gave a great little monologue.

2.0 star rating K2 from Los Angeles, California


We were so excited for our first return to the theatre but thought it was an overall dull show. Had trouble or staying and sets dull. Connection between the stars underwhelming. Felt this was one of the weakest shows we have seen and have been season ticket holders for years and years

2.0 star rating Karen Nelson from Upland, California


I was incredibly disappointed that they re-wrote a beautiful classic like My Fair Lady to include a raunchy drag queen scene for “Get me to the church on time.” What should’ve been a Grated performance suitable for children, was anything but. Rewriting the ending was also a fail. Made no sense at all.

2.0 star rating NJS from Seattle, Washington


Disappointed. The horrible changes such as the drag queen scene and the ending made us wish we hadn’t spent the time or money to see this. The singing and acting were fine, but not strong and vibrant like we would have hoped. One star was for the set, which was really amazing and another for singing quartet during Loverly.

2.0 star rating from Cleveland, OH


Couldn’t understand 90% of the words. Very slow moving. We left at intermission. The set was very cool. And Eliza’s voice was great.

2.0 star rating P.A.Wilson from Denver, Colorado


I think this might have been an interesting theatrical experience if we could have understood any of the dialogue. The sound system aimed toward where we sat, Orchestra, section B, row M, was so garbled the actors might as well have been speaking Swahili. This also made many of the songs ear-splittingly screetchy . Which was a shame since I suspect many of the actors had very nice voices. Such a disappointment! We did not mind the so-called modern tweaks to this old classic, by the way, but those were all moot points since nearly all the dialogue was a muddy mess.

2.0 star rating Andrew Schoening from Fort Worth, Texas


It is unfair to compare anyone to Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn. Especially the first quarter of this production in which you could barely understand half the dialogue. The thick London accents were so thick that I dare say a Londoner wouldn’t have understood half of what was being said, after that point, the production did seem to pick up somewhat. Any momentum gained, however, was lost with the singing of Get Me to the Church . During that number, I actually saw people stand up and walk out of the theater. Then drag queens and sorid dancing , were better suited to Kinky Boots than they were Victorian England. The remainder of the play was fairly enjoyable, but I dare say thatfew in attendance will be back to see it a second time.

2.0 star rating Wm Friedlander from Miami, Florida


This was a disappointing performance of such a great musical. What they got right was the production. The sets were good, The costumes was good, and the orchestra. What they got wrong and need to work on is Eliza's cockney accent. Totally unintelligible. Couldn't understand a word she said. Professor Higgins was totally miscast. Too young, stiff, unapproachable and totally wrong for the part. There was no feeling of empathy for these two main characters. The chorus was good and Mr Doolittle was okay but in general the leads did not have strong enough voices needed.. It seemed more like a senior college cast without the experience, depth, or ability to warrant a Broadway in Miami title. Having seen the original production and the excellent Lincoln center production, this traveling version of My Fair Lady did not live up to expectations.

2.0 star rating Robert from Miami, Florida


Lots of talent but a very different story. As I remember the story from my childhood, it was about social class. Two bachelors that enter a wager, begin an experiment, are overwhelmed by plutonic love, and possibly are changed for evermore by a young woman . A uneducated female that learns, grows, flourishes, and is dramatically empowered through her efforts. Her father, living a life with little purpose, that finds fortune and also changes his ways to a new life. The modernized changes only dilute the message that Audrey Hepburn nailed. The music and vocals were excellent. Really did not like the ending. Wanted to go home happy!

2.0 star rating from New Orleans, Louisiana


The cast was far out of their depth. The English accents sounded as if they were coached by Keanu Reeves. Who told “Freddy” English people sound like that? Strange phrasing and pacing of the songs, with weird unexpected accentuations (“I’m a most forgiving MAAAANN!”). Acting was almost like a satire of the play. Higgins was too young, and seemed more hysterical than arrogant snob. And he and Col. Pickering minced around the stage-evidently “Brucie” was Pickering’s old lover, based on their phone call. Add to that the Rocky Horror Picture Show choreography, and it seems that the director has not got the news that camp gay is no longer shocking or cutting edge, but in this venue, just annoying and tiresome. I get it, there is a strong connection between the gay community and musical theater. Mr. Doolittle seemed more a loutish bully than charming ne’er do well. However. Complaints about the ending? This was never a love story. Two flawed people, suspicious of emotional attachment, find a need for each other and reach an accommodation. Besides seeing the movie many times, long ago I saw a revival with most of the original broadway and movie cast. They were engaging and delightful. I just wanted these guys to shut up.

2.0 star rating Cranston from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


This play is bursting with woman-hating songs and sentiments that are barely challenged. I felt sad about the little girls in the audience. The “new” ending makes no sense, or maybe I just stopped caring as it went on and on for 3 hours. On a production note, I’ve never seen so much of the backstage and some sets looked like they might fall over. Be advised, this is not a Broadway show. You can tell.

1.0 star rating Disappointed theatre goer from Washington, District of Columbia


Very disappointing

1.0 star rating from Washington, District of Columbia


I took my daughters to see this play and was so very disappointed that “get me to the church” was all about sex acts, and worse, it was drag queens. Ruined it for us all. Never again will I assume that an old innocent play is safe to bring children to. Wish I would have read about this rendition before we went as we would have left our seats empty.

1.0 star rating P Lambert from Charlotte, North Carolina


This play was ruined! My husband bought us tickets for part of my Christmas gift because I have loved this movie so much with Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison all my life. Even named my dog Eliza! I am so glad I didn't bring a child with me to see this play. Who would have believed my favorite musical would be ruined with the nasty dancing /singing DRAG QUEENS complete with spreading their legs and laying on each other, dancing and thrusting!!! I didn't come to this play for this type thing. The rest of the play was okay (not great by any means), but was ruined by the shocking drag queen songs. When it ended people got up to leave as fast as I have ever seen at any theater. No standing ovation.....

1.0 star rating Kwaters from San Diego, California


It was very disappointing. The singing by Eliza was excellent. But Professor Higgins was without necessary emotion that made songs great. Can you really change an ending to a classic? Why not change Camelot to the boy being sent into fight? As for Getting me to the church on time - instead of listening to a historic song, they provide a out of story scene that made no sense nor appropriate for kids.

1.0 star rating Valerie from San Diego, California


I think it takes tremendous audacity and a misguided ego to revise such an iconic story. Thank goodness the music was original as there was no romance, no feeling or chemistry between the characters. The second act never meshed with added pieces that had no context and the ending still has us incredibly disappointed and wondering. Freddie character was excellent with a beautiful voice.

1.0 star rating Adam from Chicago, Illinois


Overall this was a very disappointing show. Negatives: 1) “Get Me to the Church” song was a drag queen show. It had raunchy dancing complete with sexual poses, dancing, and even smelling crotches. Inappropriate for children and felt completely out of place for My Fair Lady. 2) Eliza’s acting. Her singing was very good, but her acting was very forced. She seemed angry and overall was just unlikeable. 3) Alfie Doolittle - everything was bad. Acting was the worst in the show. Just bellowed - no nuance or fun with a very fun character. Dancing and singing wasn’t great either. 4) The ending. Just a strange interpretation. Didn’t like it. Positives: 1) The set was impressive. Really cool revolving house. 2) Professor Higgins. While no one is Rex Harrison - he was very likeable and did a great job. 3) Freddy and Pickering. Good support role characters who were very fun and likeable. 4) The quartet in “Wouldn’t it Be Lovely”. Excellent! Probably the best rendition of this song I’ve ever heard. Overall - the negatives unfortunately heavily outweighed the positives. Extremely disappointed in the presentation of a show that I love.

1.0 star rating Alex from Dallas, Texas


Adam left the following review and I agree with every word. Overall this was a very disappointing show. Negatives: 1) “Get Me to the Church” song was a drag queen show. It had raunchy dancing complete with sexual poses, dancing, and even smelling crotches. Inappropriate for children and felt completely out of place for My Fair Lady. 2) Eliza’s acting. Her singing was very good, but her acting was very forced. She seemed angry and overall was just unlikeable. 3) Alfie Doolittle - everything was bad. Acting was the worst in the show. Just bellowed - no nuance or fun with a very fun character. Dancing and singing wasn’t great either. 4) The ending. Just a strange interpretation. Didn’t like it. Positives: 1) The set was impressive. Really cool revolving house. 2) Professor Higgins. While no one is Rex Harrison - he was very likeable and did a great job. 3) Freddy and Pickering. Good support role characters who were very fun and likeable. 4) The quartet in “Wouldn’t it Be Lovely”. Excellent! Probably the best rendition of this song I’ve ever heard. Overall - the negatives unfortunately heavily outweighed the positives. Extremely disappointed in the presentation of a show that I love

1.0 star rating Rob McCrain from Longmont, Colorado


I have seen this show done over the years in New York, London, Lawrence, Kansas, Lincoln Nebraska and a number of other productions. This was the worst I have ever seen. Save your money. The sound was garbled and unintelligible for most of the show and the interpretation was a nightmare. This is supposed to be a fun experience watching. It was dreadful, save your money.

1.0 star rating Veri Disappointed from San Jose, California


Terrible acting, inappropriate scenes, horrific ending, overpriced and underwhelming. I would have rather stayed home with friends and watched the Hepburn classic. Higgins and Eliza need to go back to acting school. Would have liked Mr. Doolittle but that raunchy scene made me want to ask for a refund. I won’t be going back to the San Jose performing Arts.

1.0 star rating Lilly Johnson from Saint Paul, Minnesota


Eliza's dialect was way-overdone. Couldn't understand a word she was saying. It seemed it was 'almost' mocking a hearing-impaired person's speech. Higgins seemed like he should play in a community theater, not at the Ordway. Ugh. I hated it and left at intermission!

1.0 star rating Kathy from Salt Lake City, Utah


I looked so forward to seeing this old classic. We were enjoying the show until half-way into “Get Me To the Church”. Many of the people around us offered little or no applause after that point. The changes to the original were no good and we would have done well to leave at intermission. Frustrated that good shows have to change for someone’s agenda and add raunchy material that is completely inapplicable to the story line.

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